Hanging Basket Liners

There are many hanging basket liners on the market ranging from traditional sphagnum moss to the modern synthetic materials. Listed below are some of them and an idea of what they are like when put to use.

Sphagnum moss hanging basket liner; needs a good layer in order to hold compost in place (especially where bars are wide apart). Gives excellent appearance but is prone, after hanging out, to be stripped bare by birds for use as nesting material. Not re-usable. Ease of use; fairly difficult for beginners. Suppliers; Most Garden Centres

Pre-formed wood fibre; Holds compost well but difficult to plant through sides. Reasonable appearance when new. Re-usable; yes. Ease of use; easy to fill and plant top. Suppliers; Most Garden Centres

The Amateurs Answer Hanging basket liners; Holds compost well. Easy to plant both sides and top. Can be used on all basket types. Excellent appearance. Re-usable. Ease of use; Fast, neat and easy for amateur or professional use. Bird-proof! Suppliers; click on "Buy Hanging Basket Liners here" below

Foam; Holds compost quite well. Easy to plant top, sides not so easy. Poor appearance. Re-usable. Suppliers; Most Garden Centres

Wool moss; Wool industry by-product. Needs a good layer to hold compost well. Quite easy to plant up. Untidy appearance. Not re-usable. Suppliers; Most Garden Centres

Coco fibre Hanging basket liners; Pre-formed. Holds compost well. Easy to fill and plant top. Side planting difficult. Nice appearance and re-usable. Suppliers; Most Garden Centres

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