How to make up Hanging Baskets & Hayracks etc.


Plastic coated wire baskets are, by far, the most popular as they are economical to buy and give a wide scope for creative planting. They usually range from 10ins. in diameter to 24 ins. for domestic use.

Baskets can be round or flat bottomed. They can be round;   for hanging on chains.  Half round;   for mounting flush on a wall or fence. Quarter round;   for mounting on an internal corner or Three quarter round;  for mounting on an external corner. There is also a wide range of wrought iron Planters, Hayracks, Mangers and window boxes on sale from various manufacturers "THE AMATEUR'S ANSWER" Hanging Basket Liners can be used with all of them. 

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If you would like to see pictures of some of the baskets which we produced recently click on the appropriate image below to enlarge.Double click for close up.

All baskets shown were made up using The Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Lining System. 

Mixed Impatiens in elegant stand

Surfinias Blue & White

Mixed trailing plants

Begonia Illumination Mixed

Mixed impatiens

Begonia semperflorens in a ball

Mixed Trailing Plants

A well dressed bungalow

Mixed trailing begonias

Superb Surfinias plus

Pastels in nice Urn

Mixed Surfinias & others

Pastels in fancy basket

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